Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wendy Chung: Autism — what we know (and what we don't know yet)

After watching this video I felt great hope and incredibly overwhelmed at the same time. While I am encouraged that they are researching the cause of Autism, that doesn't help our children now. We must somehow teach our children to navigate this world  that is unprepared and uneducated about them. I feel the weight of every decision I make keenly.

Have I talked to their teachers enough?

Does his IEP have the right services?

Is he in the right school?

Does he have the support he needs?

These are just the questions for NOW. What happens when they are a teenager? An Adult?

Is High school going to be too stressful?

Will he have friends?

Will he be able to go to College if he wants?

 Will he find someone to love?

 Can he live on his own?

Will he feel satisfied in his life?

One could say these are questions that every good parent asks themselves about their child. Do they feel the anxiety we do when they think about these questions? Maybe. Could a parent of a child without Autism actually understand and be a fountain of knowledge and support for us?

Our need to communicate can not just stop with those that innately understand what we are going through with our ASD loved one. Just like this TED TALK said we need to form a community.We need to reach out to not just those who already understand but those that have a completely different world experience. I think we will find answers and solutions with that type of combined effort.

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