About Dawn

I have been many things throughout my life: dutiful daughter, supportive sibling, faithful friend and encouraging/ enthusiastic educator (not averse to a bit of gratuitous alliteration J) Passionate about the arts, I have acted, sung and written.  But the most fun I have had in my adult life is the time I have spent in the company of three wonderfully unique individuals – my husband Paul, my daughter Cami and my son, Ewan. 
Right off, I knew these things about them: they were very smart, and loads of fun.  They were a bit different from other kids (and husbands,) but they were a perfect fit for me.  As time went on I began to see that my perfect kids did not fit in with their classmates.  They tried hard but they suffered where they ought to have been having fun.  And my husband was definitely weird.  The first time we heard the term “Aspergers’s was when Ewan was diagnosed at the age of ten.  We back diagnosed his Dad when we saw how many of the traits they shared.  “”Oh, we thought, time and time again…. “THAT’S why that is!”  I remember telling a despondent Cami at age 18 how sorry I was that she was having trouble fitting in with her friends, but I was grateful that she, at least, was not dealing with Asperger’s as her brother was… then she told me that she was a lot more like her brother than I gave her credit for… so we had the psychologist confirm her self-diagnosis.  Aspie number three was identified and I was the lone neurotypical.

 It has been an interesting road.  Rough at times, downright frightening at others, but still, my favorite thing in all  the world is to sit on the big “thinking couch” where I can touch all three of them… reaching out and giving each one a quick pat as we watch Dr. Who, and peer around the various kitties that walk through where they absolutely must, between viewers and screen.  Sometimes we all are together, not talking … maybe reading… maybe playing a computer game… and the kitties love us through it all.  Those are the best times… the four of us and our four furry friends.  Quiet time…

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